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ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Engadin

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Andere, 07.07.2018, Schweiz, Silvaplana




  • ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Engadin: 14.2/2.5km , Anzahl der Startende/Klassiert: 80

The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Engadin will be in Silvaplana and follow some sections of the World Series event before looping back to the finish. A total distance of 17 km, with a minimum of 5 runs and 4 swims. No swim will be longer than 830 metres and all swims are protected. The total vertical gain is just shy of 200 metres. The runs are beautiful; some on trail, some uphill and some with a lot of people around.

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Sprint Engadin, 14.2/2.5km
Gesamtrang Name Total Kat-Rang Kommentar
15 Kim Jelmoni 02:13:45 7.

Teilnehmer: Kim Jelmoni


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